Many people like to stay in hotels when they travel Spanish project help

Many people like to stay in hotels when they travel. Others prefer to rent an apartment and stay there, especially for longer trips. What advantages or disadvantages can you see to each? When you and your family travel, do you like to stay with friends in their homes or stay in hotels? Why? Have you ever rented an apartment in another city while you were on vacation? What do you look for when you book a hotel or rent a place to stay? What things do you absolutely have to have? What things don’t matter?


Imagine that your parents  are planning a trip to Quito, Ecuador. Because you speak Spanish, your parents have asked you to make the arrangements for where they will stay while they are there. The visit is a long one to three weeks during the summer and your parents are relying on  you to find them a place to stay that is comfortable, in a good location, and not too expensive.

Now think about  what kind of hotel and what kind of apartment your parents would prefer. You will identify the features that the ideal apartment and the ideal hotel would offer. Charts will be provided for you.

Step 1: Analyze the task and assign research

Think about your parents and their living preferences. Do they need a lot of space? A little space? Do they like to cook or do they prefer to eat out? When they travel, do they spend a lot of time in the hotel or apartment, or do they prefer to spend most of their time out exploring? How much money are they willing to spend?

Evaluate the ideal hotel and apartment for your parents. As you evaluate the features of each, write down your decisions in the following charts.

Note: If you do not want to do both mom and dad you can pick someone else and do yourself and the person who lives with you


Mama de

Papa de

El apartamento ideal es…

El apartamento ideal est�…

El apartamento ideal est� en el piso.

El apartamento ideal tiene…

El apartamento ideal cuesta <$$$> al mes.

Otras cosas:


Mama de

Papa de

El hotel ideal es…

El hotel ideal est�…

El hotel ideal tiene…

La habitaci�n ideal est� en el piso del hotel.

La habitaci�n ideal cuesta <$$$> al d�a.

Otras cosas:

Write a 2 paragraph summary of the ideal hotel and the ideal apartment, following the model. Remember that if your parents have conflicting views, you’ll need to try to arrive at a compromise on what the ideal is for both travelers!

Para nuestros padres, el apartamento ideal es grande. El apartamento ideal est� muy cerca del centro y de atracciones tur�sticas… El apartamento ideal tiene cinco…

El hotel ideal es muy elegante. El hotel ideal est� un poco lejos del centro en un �rea tranquila…

Please make sure you submit your completed charts and both paragraphs . Description paragraphs and charts need to be fill out completely in Spanish.

Excellent 12-15 points

Good 8-11 points

Needs Work 1-7 points


Evidence of a good analysis and  research . Appropriate use of Spanish to analyze and create a description of the ideal hotel and apartment.

Evidence of some analysis and  research. Incomplete use of Spanish to analyze and create a description of the ideal hotel and apartment.

Project not turned in or little to no real evidence of analysis. Used little or no Spanish to analyze and create a description of the ideal hotel and apartment.

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