Managing the Marketing and Sales Department assignment help

My hotel brand is TRU, which is a brand under Hilton.

Managing the Marketing & Sales Department

  • Identify your hotel brand.
  • Summarize your findings about the parent company. Make sure you list all the other brands operated by the parent company.
  • Summarize your findings about your hotel brand. Explain how your hotel brand fits into the newer trend of the hospitality industry.
  • What are the unique twists of your hotel brand? Summarize the most outstanding differentiation points of your brand from the other hotel brands operated by the parent company.
  • Identify the target market of your hotel brand and identify the characteristics of the target market.
  • What is the role (responsibilities) of a hotel’s sales office and how does it impact your hotel brand?
  • As the sales director of your hotel brand, which facts about your hotel brand (property fact book) would you emphasize towards your target?
  • Identify and briefly explain the different personality types of buyers. As the sales director of your hotel brand, which type of buyer would you prefer the most and explain why.
  • Reference list.

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