management 282

Question 1: Write a paper 750 words (around 2 and half page, no more than 3 pages). Using proper MLA format write a paper using outside research and 2 other outside sources

The purpose of this paper is to give you an opportunity to think deeper about your work, the importance of it and to self-assess if you are on the right path for you. In your research, find a few articles on the nature of work to enable you to have a foundation to think deeper about the place of work in one’s life and how to develop it. Then address these questions; Do you enjoy your work, why, why not? Which work is ideal for you and why?

Question 2: What elements do you think need to be in place for a person to enjoy their work? What steps can a person take to increase the satisfaction in their work? No more than one and half pages. At least with an outside resource.

Question 3: Think of a time when you handled a conflict or disagreement badly. What lesson did you learn from that situation that can make you more effective at handling conflict in the future? No more than 1 page.

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