LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE writing homework help

Help Number one 

Building on the lesson plan you have been creating in this course, create or locate three visual aid resources that can be used with the text you selected and activities you developed. They should promote critical thinking and problem solving, as well as increase student engagement and achievement. Be sure to cite your sources if you do not create the resources yourself.

Update and submit the “Instructional Materials, Equipment, and Technology” section in your COE Lesson Plan Template.

In addition, submit a 500-750-word explanation defending how the visual aid resources increase student engagement and achievement for your students, based on the “Class Profile.” Include one or more learning theories to support your case. (Citations are only necessary if quotes are used.)

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines

Help number 2 

In this assignment you will continue working on the lesson plan you started in Topic 1. Identify academic language, including key vocabulary, functions, and form from your informational text selection and complete the “Academic Language” sections on the COE Lesson Plan Template.

Next, identify three different instructional strategies to teach the informational text that you think will meet the needs of the students described in the Class Profile. Consider how these strategies will work together to create relevancy, rigor, and cultural sensitivity for all students.

Script a separate â€œLearning and Teaching Activities” section of the COE Lesson Plan Template (100-250-words) for each instructional strategy that includes 10 DOK (depth of knowledge) questions based on your selected informational text. Each “I Do” entry should have a corresponding “Students Do” entry and corresponding “Differentiation” entry. Include one instructional strategy in the “Learning and Teaching Activities” section of the COE Lesson Plan template. Include the other two instructional strategies on a separate sheet of paper.

I have attached the chart that needs to be completed 

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