Lecture 12 Special Relativity 1 2 3 4 5 6 Does Special Rela

Lecture 12 _____Special Relativity _______________ 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Does special relativity include gravity? What are the two principles of special relativity What is an example of a non-accelerating frame of reference? Can an object travel faster than the speed of light? What is spacetime? Length contraction is greater the faster the object moves. Does an object get thinner as well as shorter? 7) What is time dilation? 8) Jack is reading a book whilst traveling to Vega on his starship. He reads a page every 2 mins, this is t0. His starship is traveling at 0.8c . You are at rest and can see Jack reading his book, how long do you think it takes him to read a page if you time it using our own wristwatch, what is t? (t = 3.3min) 9) Jack”s spacecraft is 10m long i.e L0 = 10m. If he is traveling at 0.8c how long do you measure the starship to be? ( L = 6m) 10) A muons lifetime to= 2×10-6s. It is traveling at 0.95 C. How long, do we (on the ground) measure these muons to last?

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