Lars Ericsson argues that Prostitution is morally permissible. Carol Pateman disagrees. Whos right? 2

Paper Topic
• Lars Ericsson argues that Prostitution is morally permissible. Carol Pateman disagrees. Who’s right? Present and explain one of these authors’ arguments about the moral permissibility of prostitution and evaluate that argument.
Paper should be well written, free from excessive typos, misspellings, grammatical errors
Contain these elements:
1.An introduction that states the issue being discussed and a clear presentation of the thesis you will be defending: e.g., “In this paper I will argue that …”
2. A brief but clear explanation of the problem. What is the issue being addressed? Why is the issue problematic? Explain to the reader, why she (or he) should care about what you will discuss in the paper. Here you should not address what some philosophers say about the problem , but rather explain why philosophers may feel motivated to discuss it at all.
3. A clear and thorough description of the moral position that you have decided to present. This description should be as fair and accurate as possible, and should include a presentation of the arguments that the author offers in favor of her position. So, though you might conclude that the philosopher’s arguments for her theory are wrong, you should still present her theory in the best light possible.
4. As you probably have learned by now, no philosophical claims go unchallenged. Please provide the strongest objections that one may raise to the thesis you presented. Explain the objection and exactly why one might think this would be a problem for the author’s position.
5. Evaluate the objections. What are the best responses that the author can give to these objections? Should the reader find these responses convincing? Explain why or why not.

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