Is this why Rosario becomes such a pivotal character?

Essay 4: Literary Research Paper This is an essay surrounding M.G. Lewis The Monk. This time you will use several secondary sources as part of your research paper. What this final project is asking of you is to use outside sources infused with the novel to formulate a greater achieved argument about its importance in literature as well as a way of reading it. When we go to the library, you will see how all these secondary sources help you in your reading. PROMPT TO BE RESPONDED TO: Why is it that so many late 18th century politicians like M.G. Lewis wrote gothic novels? Why on earth did all of them resign from parliament? It is no secret either (especially in modern criticism) to argue that all three writers were homosexual. To what end does this lead us? Why is this so important to our understanding? Is this why Rosario becomes such a pivotal character? Look up Queer Theory to help you think about greater issues related to the gothic. Note that this not need to be solely about Queer Theory, but also related to Gender criticism as well. REQUIREMENTS: 5 pages + 1 works cited page A Works Cited Page At least 1 shorter quote (1-2.5 lines) At least 1 longer quote (3 lines or more) Reference at least 2 outside sources: one must be a book (e-book or print), one an article (web or print) At least one quote per paragraph that comes from The Monk You must have an original thesis and it must relate to M.G. Lewis and his novel The Monk

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