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Individual Assignment:  Students will conduct two (2) interviews with senior managers from different organizations.  At least one of the interviewees must work in the private sector.  Your assignment and goal is to:

(A) Gain a better sense, and appreciation for, the roles and challenges of managers in team building and process management.

(B)Determine what skills and abilities managers need to be successful in managing and working with team members in today’s organizations, like intelligence, leadership, motivation, conflict resolution, interpersonal skills, technology, process management, etc. 

Suggested items to research could include:

oWhat are the major differences in the workforce during the last 5-10 years (i.e. teamwork, employee loyalty, employee values, work ethic, adaptability to change, work-life balance, generations, etc.)?

oWhat do team members want today?  What motivates them (i.e. money, recognition, authority, autonomy, responsibility, etc.)?

oWhat percentage of a workday do managers spend resolving team issues?  What types of team issues?  Finally, what skills and abilities should future managers improve upon to better deal with similar team challenges?

oHow has technology and process management impacted organizations over the last 5-10 years?

oHow are decisions actually made in organizations?

oWhat programs have organizations implemented to improve teamwork  morale and/or reduce employee turnover (i.e. profit sharing, improved benefits, flexible work schedules, telecommuting, job sharing, etc.)?

oWhat methods do managers employ to help manage their time and stress?

oWhat does the interviewee consider important to share with a class of future managers and leaders (words of wisdom)?

oHow has the four generations in the workplace impacted team processes and managerial skills over the last 5-10 years?

oDo generational differences really influence the teamwork environment?

(C)Prepare a typed, double-spaced, report of one to two (1-2) pages (not including the title page and appendices) for each interview.  Apply critical thinking and analytical skills to summarize your interviews and research, and then articulate your opinions and recommendations regarding the challenges faced by managers today.  Attach your interview questions and answers as appendices. Note: APA format

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