interpret Sonnets especially works by Shakespeare Week 5 Discussion 2 Response C B

Each response should be at least 75 words in length and you should attempt to answer the questions posed by your classmates. Additionally, reflect on how you and your classmates have progressed throughout the course. Also note similarities or differences you see between how you and your classmates respond to the Clugston quote now versus at the beginning of the course.

I have always struggled to interpret Sonnets, especially works by Shakespeare. After taking this class, what techniques have helped to improve your skills for interpreting lyric poetry such as an English sonnet?  

This class has allowed me to view differing interpretations of literature. By reading my peers posts, I have been able to see a story from an entirely new perspective. Reading a peers explanation of a story also helped clarify certain scenes I found confusing.Reflecting on literature from another student’s point of view has enhanced my abilities to understand certain texts. 

In my initial response, I felt that Clugston’s quote was valid. I am an avid reader and have always enjoyed being sucked into a story. Though my thoughts on the quote have not changed, I have learned to not just be guided by my personal feelings when interpreting literature. My approach will always be influenced by my background but I have learned techniques that help me to understand text in a more well-rounded way. I no longer have to be able to relate to a story in order to understand its meaning. Based on what I have learned in this class, I am now able to appreciate and understand literature regardless of my personal interest.

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