International Relations Theories political science homework help

1. Read Chapter 2 in your text “IR Theories” 

2. Review the Power Points, “Perspectives in International Relations” amd “Levels of Analysis”

3.  Visit the following website for additional information on Perspectives in International Relations::

4.  Determine your “perspective” and how it impacts your view of the world. What levels of analysis are most important to your world view?  Read through your classmate’s descriptions and post your thoughts or comments to at least two responses. Your posts and comments should be substantive. You should post  by Wednesday of week one to allow your classmates time to post responses.

5.  Introduce yourself to the class by sharing whatever information you desire. 

Do you need help posting to the discussion forum? Review the Discussion Forum tutorials found in the Blackboard Tutorials button in the course menu, and review How to Post and Reply on the Discussion Board

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