International Marketing Challenges marketing homework help

Chapter 7 described challenges marketers face in promoting brands in an international context. 

(1) Write a paragraph of an example or concept from the chapter that you found interesting, including summarizing the example/concept and explaining why it is interesting.

(2) Pick a country other than the United States. Using professionalism and sensitivity in your language, do some outside research on your own and describe in a second paragraph an advertising challenge that would arise for marketers from the U.S. who are creating a promotion in your chosen country. This part of your answer should not use an example already described in the textbook, nor should it involve personal opinions based on stereotypes you may have about regions or countries — base it on credible sources of information. For instance, someone’s random blog found from a Google search is not considered credible; an article from a major national newspaper you find in a search on LexisNexis from our library’s electronic database would be. Please be sure to cite any outside sources of information you use for this part.

For the subject line use: the country you chose for part (2).

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