Increasing the Life Span of a Rose in a Vase Essay

I need help with a Writing question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.


Five paragraph essay of a Sensory essay(i don’t want smell or taste) The outline and the essay itself.

For the Outline allow this should be followed:

Introduction: grab the reader’s attention

ii. Shocking factor Statistic

iii. do not use provocative question

iv. Striking example

v. Anecdote(short story that is relevant)

vi. Background information

vii. Comparison

viii, Do not use quote

ix. hypothetical situation


i. One sentence that can stand alone and explain what the essay is about

ii. assertion, specificity, one central point, original perspective, no announcements, Previe organization of essay.

Dominant Impression.

Body of the paragraph: Support the thesis statement in details

i. for the paragraph 2,3 and 4

ii. Topic sentence(strong and specific)

iii. show relationship between ideas of paragraph

iv. main idea of the paragraph and is supported by:

a. Facts

b. Details

c. examples

d. transitions

e. Closing line to wrap each paragraph up.


i:Topic sentence that emphasizes the significance of the essay

ii: Do not swap conclusions for introduction

iii. No new information should be added.

Lastly for the outline: Checking of errors in grammar, puntuation mark, spelling and formatting.

For the Essay i want the following:

You are required to submit the final, rough draft, outline and any other work you may have that you feel will help me better understand your thinking process and decision making that crafted the final piece. Please note: you will need to combine all your documents into one submission, as either a PDF or by copying and pasting all your drafts into one single Word doc.

In the final version of your assignment, please do the following:

* above the introduction, indicate the type of introduction method used and the dominant impression created

* underline your thesis statement, topic sentences and closing lines

* italicize your transitions between body paragraphs AND within body paragraphs

* bold words that create your dominant impression

* at the bottom of your essay, indicate the concluding method you used and the method of organization you used between body paragraphs and within body paragraphs (Please indicate which paragraphs used which organizations. i.e., Between body paragraphs: spatial organization/ body paragraphs 1 & 2: chronological/ body paragraph 3: order of importance)

Lastly for the Essay: Checking of errors in grammar, puntuation mark, spelling and formatting.



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