Identify the importance of the Causes to the organisation concerned.

Students will act as an independent professional business consultant reporting to senior managers of the company concerned. Students are expected to provide informed and robust advice to this business client. A sophisticated understanding of the critical aspects of this Video Business Case needs to be demonstrated. A succinct and high impact report is expected.

The report is expected to be <2,000 words, including an Executive Summary (<300 words) but excluding References. Introduction, table of contents and appendices are not required and will not be marked. Students are strongly advised to read the relevant Assessment Rubric closely before undertaking this assignment.

Suggested headings for Video Business :

-Case Report Executive Summary (<300 words required)

A) Issues
Provide a brief introduction that summarises the main issues of the case.

B) Causes
Identify the importance of the Causes to the organisation concerned.

C) Alternatives
Develop a set of realistic Alternatives to address the Issues and Causes identified.

D) Decision Criteria
Develop a set of Decision Criteria to choose from the Alternative courses of action.

E) Recommended Solution/s
Decide on Solution/s to the Issues derived from the Alternatives. For each competing Alternative, justify why different Solution/s were chosen or rejected. A preferred Solution/s needs to be indicated.

F) Implementation and Implications
Provide realistic suggestions on how these Solution/s could be implemented in the organisation concerned within the industry context being scrutinised. Include the managerial and financial implications for adopting the preferred Solution/s.

Hints and reminder:

� Do not waste the word count on an Introduction or Conclusion.
� An Executive Summary must be placed after the cover page, but before the Issue (and table of contents if you choose to have one). It should summarise the entire report, and be written last.
� The Issue(s) and the Cause(s) are given in the Video Business Interview segments. It is suggested you also research around the Issue(s) and/or Cause(s).
� The number of Issues you provide (1 or more) is the number of problems you must solve. Only having one Issue is fine.
� It is suggested 3 or 4 good, realistic Alternatives are provided. 5 is possible, but it may reduce your word count too much.
� Decision Criteria can be given in a table format – refer to Tillman and Cassone (2012) for some examples.
� Ethical considerations should be built into the report; They are usually most suitable in the Decision Criteria, Solution and Implementation and Implications.
� Ethical considerations are not a question of a simple right or wrong. A thorough ethical consideration will state an issue for which there is no right or wrong answer and therefore represents a dilemma to a course of action.
� Appendices are meant to be ‘extra’ information that does not have to be read to understand the report; Any critical information necessary to understand the report�shouldn’t be in the Appendices. Appendices will not earn marks.
� Through your research you may find that the Issue has occurred in the past, and the company has a solution – This does not matter in the context of the VBCR, as you are writing as if the Issue is happening now.
� Remember, you are a consultant working for the company – If you suggest they hire a consultant/mediator to solve the Issue, it will look rather strange one consultant suggesting they need to hire another consultant!

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