Identify the educational needs that will be addressed using distance education health and medicine homework help

Critical Thinking Strategies Case Study:

Design a case study (1,750-2,000 words) of  â€œCultural sensitivity for new grad nurses in a residency program”.

 1.Identify the educational needs that will be addressed using distance education.

2.Develop learner objectives and evaluation strategies specific to the case study situation.

3.Explain what technological applications will be utilized.

4.Include an assessment model as the basis for the evaluation plan(refer to Chapter 25 in Teaching in Nursing: A Guide for Faculty).

NOTE (Rubric)

·  Develops at Least Three Learner Objectives for Case Scenario.

·  Evaluation Methods Developed for Each Objective

·  Identifies the Advantages and Disadvantages of Selected Evaluation Methods

·  Describe the Outcomes that you Would Consider to be Acceptable for Students in your Class to Demonstrate Critical Thinking

·   Incorporates an Assessment Model as the Foundation for Evaluation Design (Refer to chapter 23 in Billings & Halstead text for examples of evaluation models.)

·  Organization and Effectiveness

·  Organization

·  Language Use and Audience Awareness (includes sentence construction, word choice, etc.)

·  Scholarly References (Utilizes at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed resources less than five years old in addition to course materials.)

·  Present Case Study in a Paper (1,750-2,000 words).

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