Identify and discuss the theme and worldview of The Welcome Table Alice Walker.

1. Kate Chopins two short stories both deal with women in tragic marriages. In Desirees Baby” Desiree presumably kills herself and her baby in the swampy boyou, not because she is white, but because Amand no longer loves her. Lousie Mallard, in The Story of An Hour, dies upon learning that her husband is alive and rather than dead. What apsects of the cultural milieu and worldview of each woman ultimately affects her destiny? What message can someone with biblical worldview glean from these stories?2. In ”Goodman Brown” because Goodman believes everyone he trusted & thought good were actually hypocrites, Goodman dies hopeless and miserable. IN the Great Stoneface, Ernest presents a very different approach to life. Discuss both stories from the biblical perspective. What message does Hawthorne have in both stories for believers? How does each story illustrate the theme We become what we worship? Draw conclusions between them.3.Both Hemingways ”Hills LIke White Elephants” and Le Guins ” The ONes Who Walk Away from Omelas” deal with issues of morality. Discuss the spiritual implications of each story. Use examples from each story.4.Identify and discuss the theme and worldview of The Welcome Table, Alice Walker. Use specific examples from the storyIt is a short answer essay, each answer should be 1-2 paragraphs

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