Identify and describe the problem in this case.

How does information technology affect socioeco­nomic disparities?Explain your answer.

2.Why is access to technology insufficient to elimi­nate the digital divide?



4. Whyisthedigitaldivideproblemanethical dilemma?

1. Identify the management,organization,and technology factors responsible for slow adoption rates of internal corporate social networks.

2.Why  have each of the companies described in this case been successful in implementing internal social networks? Explain your answer.

3.Should all companies implement internal enterprise social networks? Why or why not?

1.Identify and describe the problem in this case.

2.What  management, organization ,and technology fac­tors are responsible for the difficulties in building electronic medical record systems?Explain youranswer.

3.What is the business, political,and social impact of not digitizing  medical records(for individual physicans, hospitals,insurers, patients,and the U.S.government)?4.What are the business and social benefits  of digitizing medical record keeping?

5.Are electronic medical record systems a good solution to the problem of rising healthcare costs in the United States?Explainyouranswer.

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