HTML and web desing computer science homework help

2. Practice creating site maps for the following situations.

c. Prakesh Khan owns a dog grooming business named A Dog’s Life. He would like a website that includes a home page, a page about grooming services, a page with a map to his shop, a contact page, and a section that explains how to select a good pet. The content for the part of the website on selecting a pet will be a step-by-step presentation. Create a site map based on this scenario.

3. Practice creating wireframe page layouts for the following situations. Use the style for page layout composition shown in Figures 5.30-5.33 (I will include them in .pdf) where places for logo, navigation, text, and images are indicated. Do not worry about exact wording or exact images.

c. create sample wireframe page layouts for the A Dog Life website described in 2(c). Create a wireframe layout for the home page and the regular content pages Create another wireframe page layout for the presentation pages

there is a img015.pdf  which i need the same when u creating the HTML, so i have 3 page including the home page

Also you can have any paragraphs ( just to make the look is good, it does have to have meaning, just to fill up the spaces on the pages) 

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