How your case study relates to the topic.

A medication management review may be defined as a systematic, comprehensive review of a patient’s medication regimen on a continuing basis with a view to optimizing therapeutic outcomes.
To conduct a MMR, the pharmacist works in collaboration with other members of the healthcare team and the patient to collate detailed information about the patient’s medication use and provides the appropriate advice and information to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes for the patient while maintaining quality and safe use of medicines principles.
Marks are allocated on all sections of the MMR as per the rubric, including table of recommendations, GP letter, correct evidence based references (minimum of FIVE journal articles, i.e. other than text books or e-database e.g. MIMS or AMH), demographics, medical and medication history, laboratory results, observations and any other required supporting evidence.
Minimum of 2000 words, maximum word limit of 3000 words applies (not including references or material transcript from patient file, chart or laboratory results).
Please include in your write-up a separate covering summary of assumptions, including
1. The condition the patient was initially diagnosed with and a brief explanation of this,
2. What medications the patient would be expected to be using, considering they will be in severe stage of disease
3. What medication they would be expected to be using after transitioning to palliative care and what medications would be expected as they progress to the end stage of their disease.
4. Other aspects which should be considered.

Part B – Palliative Care Workbook
Complete the relevant PCC4U modules as self-directed study, with notation of answers in the PCC4U workbook provided. The workbook will be handed in with MMR report for assessment by the unit coordinator and marked according to rubric in Learnline.

Part C
Oral Presentation
The presentation of your case will be a Power point presentation and will need to cover;
a) The topic allocated to you
b) The case allocated to you
c) How your case study relates to the topic.
It is expected the presentation will take 20-30 minutes.
The oral presentation will involve some peer input into the assessment process, with guidance and final mark provided by unit coordinator.

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