How will this experience enhance professional/personal judgement &amp emotional intelligence.

Self Reflection Form (Individual)
These questions will help you to think about your activities and how these may benefit you in your career or in life long learning.
1. With collaboration comes responsibilities. Can you describe how you managed your responsibilities while working with your team?
2. Elaborate on this statement based on your own experience – ‘trust is the foundation for successful collaboration’.
3. Describe how your leadership skills have improved by engaging in teamwork.
4. Identify one area in which you can improve if you were required to do teamwork in the future?
5. How will this experience enhance professional/personal judgement & emotional intelligence.
6. How did working online especially interacting with the partner enhance and/or impede your learning experience? E.g. How did it affect the interpersonal relationship between the partner and you/your group?
7.What were some key intercultural communication lessons you will take with you from this experience? Think in terms of problem solving
8.What is the place of e-service learning in higher education or education in general (see my article on virtual partnerships)? How did it help you to think outside of the square?

Gender family decision 1 – What was your reaction to the experiences of students explained in the text? Probably you don’t come to campus often, but if you do, how do their experiences contrast with yours? Do you have any comments about the research method used? 2 – I’d like you to have the chance to see the segments of the film I showed during the lecture. How do the people in the film talk about their friendship and community? What roles gender, race, class, sexuality play in their experiences? Please feel free to comment on any aspect of the film. If you want to bring the reading and the film together, that’s great. The film:

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