How Water Systems Fashion Landscapes assignment help

I need 2 to 3 paragraphs on the below topic and replies to 2 peer posts.

River systems affect every living thing on this planet. Choose a river of your liking and report on it to the rest of us. You should include the stream’s origin, destination, type (braided or meandering), and any other interesting information that you might have uncovered. As you know, you cannot describe a river that has already been posted.

Peer Post 1:

I chose to write and learn more about the Allegheny River. I grew up by the Allegheny and it is just one of the most beautiful bodies of water I have ever seen. The Allegheny begins in Pennsylvania and flows through New York, is 325 miles long and has numerous tributaries. The Allegheny joins with the Monongahela River to form the Ohio River, thus the destination being the mouth of the Ohio River. The tributaries of the Allegheny flow about 10 miles from Lake Eerie, placing it closely to one of the major Rivers in the U.S. The Allegheny River became a means of important transportation for ships moving coal in the 19th century and even though it is not used as a primary transportation source is still used to this very day. The information that I have located and read from various sources seem to state that the Allegheny is both braided and meandering depending on where the location of the River is.

Allegheny River. (2016). Retrieved from

Peer Post 2:

I chose to discuss the South Platte river, which flows through Colorado and a little bit of Nebraska. The South Platte is a tributary of the Platte River, which spread through multiple other states and has numerous tributaries. The main source for the river is the confluence of the South Fork and the Middle Fork near Fairplay, CO. The river stretches 439 miles long runnign throughout the states. It is a braided river and Chatfiled Resivor was a man made solution to the sometimes fierce and overflowing waters of the South Platte. Due to how close the river is to main city areas in numerous locations, the Platte is treated as a recreational area in the warm summer months of Colorado. 


Taming the South Platte River (2015). The Colorado Independent. Retrieved from: 

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