How Toy Story Helps Children Navigate Technology

Technology is rapidly growing “to infinity and beyond” from games to cars, modern technology fully encompasses our daily lives leaving society helpless without it. In the early 90’s, society knows little of how much this new technology eventually influences their children’s lives, so parents portray outwardly no problems with having companies heavily advertising new electronic products to children. The results change the world. Now, technology intertwines with the fast-paced lives of the society, leaving some frustrated parents finding it difficult on ways to teach their children to balance both modern technology and manual labor. Wisely, parents start to rely on the first thing that originally got them into them mess – the magical world of Pixar. The original Toy Story focuses on the societal view of the celebration towards the advancement of technology during the time the movie releases in 1995, which is what society needs at that time. However, by Toy Story 3(2010), young adults actively disengage in the usage of the consumerism for the latest-and-greatest technology, so the tone…



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