How to write an annotated bibliography DOC

Annotated bibliographies from an occupational therapy point of view. This will be the structure for each annotated bibliography: Main focus of the article or chapter? What is it about? what are the main points? What are your key take away messages? Usefulness of the doc in my learning- so what? 300 words each: -excluding the reference -including appropriate in-text -paraphrased to avoid plagiarism i will upload the following ( PLEASE DOWNLOAD ALL AND READ THROUGH):– 1. How to write an annotated bibliography DOC (pls read through this, as it tells you how to write it the way it needs to be specifically for my university) 2. The reading list doc. (i have put them in order) 3. READINGS: i have taken the liberty of retrieving the pdfs and jpgs for reading 5 and 6, with reading 5 and 6 it is from a textbook in the library and there seems to be no access to an online version, thus I have taken pictures of the pages and will upload this under the reading 5 and 6. That would be all, it is a pretty straightforward assignment, however it is important to remember that you are to imagine yourself as me, an occupational therapy student, this is important when it comes to the part where you have to write about usefulness of reading in my learning, please do write something occupational therapy related, like how i can apply it in my studies or when i become a occupational therapist in the future or how it would impact my role as an occupational therapist or occupational therapy as a whole. as long as you mention something. Please make sure you paraphrase where necessary or include the proper annotated bib in text format , as to avoid plagiarism If you have any questions please do ask away, and also i would like if you kept in touch and be as responsive as possible with me. Much appreciated.

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