how Power Distancing Individualism and Collectivism Discussion

how Power Distancing Individualism and Collectivism Discussion

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Power Distancing

The South African culture accept a hierarchical order of process where each person has their place and role within the culture. They look to their subordinates to provide instructions as to what to do and needs to be completed.


There culture is focused on citizen’s in their country to take care of themselves and immediate family. All work assignments are contracted and agreed upon between the employer and employee and a hired and promoted based on merit bases. Each tribe has their own set of beliefs and values


The Men in the culture are expected to be assertive. Much diversity in their populations of various ethnic groups and races in the South African part of the Country. Women are still expected to remain timid and take care of the children at home and respect the male figures in the country. The race population of the blacks within South Africa make up over 79% of the country.


Africa is still working to improve the segregation still prevalent amongst their culture. Unification is being developed to overcome the divides of the country and incorporate legal equality and fair distributions of resources.

Uncertainty Avoidance

South African culture abide by the laws established within their constitution and feel everyone should be treated equally and appreciate the laws and rules and policies established to regulate the behavior of those in their country. The constitution also expresses the value they have as a country by implementation of the constitution to guide them as a country.

Long Term/Short Term Orientation

Culture is more normative than pragmatic. They value truth and their traditions and do not save for the future but like to achieve results quickly and are always providing for their families first and work hard to ensure their families are taken care of.

                                                                              What issues do you see?

It is very important before working with any country to understand their laws, cultures and processes in which they perform their daily operations. It is important to understand their views on the way that women are perceived in their role and lace within the society and respecting attire as a woman when conducting business or interaction with someone of the opposite sex. Communication needs to remain consistent through any collaboration with other organization (Harms, 2018).

Both the white citizens and black citizens of their country both value their families and work hard to provide for their families. The language barrier would be something to be considered to effectively conduct business transactions with other organizations. Both group of cultures can learn from one another once barriers are lowered and there is a fairer sense of equality.

The continued process of transformation from an apartheid-led policy to a better democracy is a continued effort in transforming the diversity and cultures within these countries. Before considering business in any country it is vital to learn and understand the way the cultures and people within the country perform daily routines a business operation which can impact future mergers with other organizations.

The world continues to evolve daily, and many more opportunities are being offered to women to begin to join the workforce and contribute to enhancing the population and society. Other countries need to be willing to provide more opportunities for these continued advancements to become part of their processes and systems for economic growth and development to support more productivity and continued opportunities for expand the culture and become a more diverse work force.

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