How Important are Customer Reviews for Online Marketing

Read the following Forbes article, “How Important are Customer Reviews for Online Marketing”, at the following link: THIS)/sites/jaysondemers/2015/12/28/how-important-are-customer-reviews-for-online-marketing/2/#6dfaf4b5602

and “Local Consumer Review Survey – BrightLocal”, at the following link: THIS)/learn/local-consumer-review-survey/ .

Review the key points in the articles and answer the following questions:

1. Do you feel that there is a shift in how consumers trust and respond to online reviews?

2. In your opinion, do review sites accurately measure the quality of a business’ products or services based on review scores?

3. Based on BrightLocal – Q16. “Have you ever been asked to leave a review for a local business?” Do you believe review requests should be a significant component in your overall marketing plan? Do you believe the business are as proactive as they should be in soliciting online reviews? Support your response with data references.

4. Source three review management software programs, either through your research or your experience that you might implement to help monitor, respond, and solicit reviews for a business.

Write a 1 page paper (min 350 words) on this subject and cite your sources.

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