How can European financial supervision cater for cross-border issues?

Subject:Research Methods & Methodologies in Accounting and Management

Question:How can European financial supervision cater for cross-border issues?


Read following Requirements and structure carefully。
Guidance on Research Proposals
1. Title
2. Background
3. Aims and objectives
4. Methods
5. Ethical issues
6. Timetable
7. References
8. Appendices
It is expected that a research proposal will generally include these elements, although the amount of detail and length required will vary depending on the nature of the study.

1. Title:
Should ideally describe the main focus of your study and what will be unique about it – so it comes up in literature searches and readers can understand it. It should be closely related to the research aim. You should include your name and the date.
3. Background:
This should include the academic and applied background to the work derived from a literature review. The background should orient the reader to the topic of the proposal and convince them that you have thought through the idea and developed a tight and “researchable” problem. It should also move logically from the known to the unknown.
Many times a problem statement will be used to convey the issues and context that gave rise to the study. A problem statement helps the reader anticipate the goals of the study.
• Give enough detail to give an impression of understanding the relevant literature and issues.
• Be very clear as to how the proposed research adds to what is already known.
• Clearly show how the proposed research emerges from the literature.
• Be balanced and objective in the depiction of current knowledge.

• Use blocks of general review material that are not made specific to the research topic.
• Be too technical and long-winded in style.

4. Aims and Objectives:
The research aim should be closely related to the title and clearly derived from the background to the study – the link between the background and the aim of the study should be obvious and logical. It should state clearly what the study is intended to find out. Think of it as a simple description of your work that you would say to a friend or family member. Research objectives are specific issues to be looked at by the work, which are related to the overall aim. Objectives should be related to specific empirical outcomes. One type of research objective is the scientific hypothesis, but in work studying people one cannot always be so specific.
The aims and objectives should be:
• Able to be accomplished by the proposed research.
• Specific and not too general.
• But not too specific to interest anyone.
• Related to the literature review.
• Clear.

5. Methods:
A detailed description of how the research will actually be carried out, including details of the method, sampling, data collection and analysis.
Ensure that your methods include an explanation of key details, such as how respondents are to be recruited, what questions will be asked, or how questionnaires will be designed.

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