How can an AIS assist with decision making in a contemporary manufacturing organisation?

Assignment must be submitted via Turnitin
Accounting Information System’s (AIS) have traditionally only involved the processing of accounting and financial transactions. However, with the advancement of technology, other non-financial information has been able to be integrated into systems, giving a more complete view of the entire organisation. Looking at the manufacturing industry, respond to the following;
What is the role of an AIS in the value chain of a manufacturing organisation? 3 marks
How can an AIS assist with decision making in a contemporary manufacturing organisation? 3 marks
How can the value chain be used to provide a competitive advantage for a manufacturing organisation? 4 marks
Please note, this is a theoretical question. You do not need to look at a specific business within the manufacturing industry.

This assignment task is designed to enable you to demonstrate your ability to:
understand and apply foundation principles relating to computerised information systems in contemporary organisations.
Your assignment should be presented in short answer format addressing the questions. It should include:
a cover page; and
appropriate headings.
Assignments must be submitted through Turnitin.
You need to include your name, student ID and page number in the header or footer of every page of the assignment. The following points are a general guide for presenting assessment items.
Assessment items should be typed.
Use 1.5 spacing.
Use a wide left margin. Markers need space to be able to include their comments.
Use a standard 12pt font such as Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial.
Left- justify body text.
Include a separate title page with your name, student number, subject code, assessment number and assessment question. Include class time and tutor’s name if applicable.
Number your pages (except the cover page).
Use a header or footer with your name and student number on each page.
Always keep a copy of your assessments. Both a hard copy and an electronic copy.
Most importantly, always use your spelling and grammar checker, but remember that this does not pick up all errors. You must still manually and carefully edit your work.
For this assessment you are required to use APA referencing to acknowledge the sources that you have used. Please refer to the CSU referencing guide:
Here is a link to a very useful tool you can use. It demonstrates how to correctly use in text referencing and the correct way to cite the reference in your reference list:

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