group exercise 3

  • Background: XYZ Company is an international manufacture of farm equipment.They have hired your team to develop some core components of a project plan for providing an enterprise-wide CRM Relationship Management (CRM) solution.Some other details for consideration:
    • The company executives and CIO have determined the best approach for this solution is to use their internal IT staff to deliver a custom software development CRM
    • IT staff will also be supplemented by external professional services and subject matter experts (where required)
    • Phase 1 of the initiative will be to roll the solution within the United States and Phase 2 will then extend the deployment to their three international facilities (China, Germany, and South America)
    • Hardware and software components will need to be procured for all company locations (e.g., desktop, server, firewall, network, etc.) to support development, training, and production environments.
    • There will be integration points with the company’s existing MRP, financial, sales & marketing, and distribution systems.
    • Internal staff matrix and hourly rates will be provided
    • The team will use a traditional Water-Fall software development methodology, and structure the WBS tasks to align with this methodology

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