Global Land Use Economic Globalization and Land Scarcity Bibliography

Global Land Use Economic Globalization & Land Scarcity Bibliography

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Using the Word file (‘Annotated Bibliography Template ENVS408’) attached to Assignment 5, create an annotated bibliography for your first THREE references that you will use for your review paper. You will need to complete one annotated bibliography template for each of your bibliographic sources. Fill out all sections of the template for each paper; for example, if the source paper doesn’t have keywords, note that on the template – do not simply skip the question. Be certain to: (1) match information from the paper you are using as a source to your outline and (if needed) modify your outline if it changes as you move forward with your research; and (2) gather information that you will need to complete a table (or figure) in your final paper. Turn in your completed annotations in one Word file,

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