geotechnical report

Hello you have worked on my geotechnical report last time. for my 50% submittal now I’m looking for help with my 100% report submittal. I had to change few stuff with the report you sent me. If it’s possible to take a look at it and see the changes I have made. I would like you to finish the report with the information given of ninyo and moore report. Since ninyo and moore soil report is the same soil for my tunnel project. I also attached what you have finished last time and what I will need to finish this time.

My project is an under ground pedestrian tunnel Iin Coronado California and we need to identify the soil which already stated in the document we received from the city that can help us obtain all soil information that is called ninyo and moore.

Things needed to complete the report:( Many of the info is found in the soil report)

1-Soil Bearing capacity

2- Development analysis

3- geologic hazards./-Seismicity and Ground Motion

4- Tunnel structural Fill Material and fill compaction

5-Foundation Recommendations

6-Tunnel Surface/ wall drainage.

7- Seismic wall design.

8-Tunnel bedding.

9-Tunnel grading

10- Finalize Geotech report.

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