From Social Security to Individual Responsibility Questions

From Social Security to Individual Responsibility Questions

What is the proposed/currently enacted social policy?

Who introduced the policy? What was the intent or purpose?

Who does it impact/effect?

Based on your professional “social worker” opinion, does the proposed/enacted policy have a positive or negative effect on those impacted? Why? How so?

How is the proposed/enacted policy relevant to social work and social workers?

Why should social workers be aware of this social policy?

What should social workers know about this social policy

How can social workers educate clients about the policy?

What should clients know about this social policy?


This assignment is designed to familiarize students with current events related to social welfare policies covered in the news/media. Using a recently covered social welfare policy related issue or event, you will be expected to produce two (2) 2-3 page paper addressing why the issue/event is relevant, who the issue/event affects and why, why social workers should be aware of the issue/event, and how social workers can educate their clients related to the issue/event. Prepare to share your news worthy event/issue with your classmates. You will receive up to 100 points for each “Social Welfare Policy in the News Papers.”

-Bill should be no less than 5 years old

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