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While companies can practice free market system there are some that arepossiblydangeroustocapitalismandmustbemonitored. Had she never made the complaint how many others would Abercrombie & Fitch have done this to? The nation’s laws affect the hiring practices of Abercrombie & Fitch and other companies I feel like was fair ruling. After having her go through the interview and still hiring her I think they did discriminated against her once she showed up to work with her wearing her headscarf. I’m sure if it had to be worn for religious reason she had it on during the interview process as well.  I feel like the company needs to change their advertising strategy. I’m sure they never had to deal with this kind of situation before because they typically hire the same type of people. I think changing up their wording and adding the dress code part would save them for more lawsuits in the future. Like the company I work for its laid out even down to the size of how big your ear rings can be, how bulky your hair can be, or even how your blouse has to rest on your hips so once is in black in white no one can say they are being discriminated against because the companies policies is right there for anyone to see. While in this case the court’s message for employers is very clear not reject a job applicant for what may be seen as religious reasons. Abercrombie seems to have already learned this lesson the hard way, and moving forward they are already trying to implement wording changes to cover them in the future. 


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