Fredrick Douglass Abraham Lincoln George Washington and other political assignment help

Recall the historical figures that you learned about in lesson 2.  These figures include: Fredrick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and other political.  Which person do you think is the most important or influential figure?  Complete the following:

1. Name the person you think was the most important or influential
2. Give 3 reasons why you find this person to be important or influential.
A. Reason 1
B. Reason 2
C. Reason 3
3. Find one quotation from the reading material to illustrate at least one of your reasons.  Be sure to say where you found your quote
Here is an example:
1. James Madison
2. James Madison was influential for the following reasons:
A. He helped make important changes to the constitution.
B. He thought that having a strong central government was important for making the United States a strong country.
C. He understood that compromise was important.
3. â€œWith the states retaining considerable power, the central government, he believed, had insufficient power to regulate commerce.”  I found this quote in “A More Perfect Union: The Creation of the U.S. Constitution” in lesson 2.4.

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