format review and use journal article provided

in text citation and apa format

a nursing study that has IMRAD (Introduction, Method, Results, Analyze, Discussion) sections in the nursing study.

answer as many of these questions possible in relation to the article.

Appraising Nursing Studies


  1. What is the problem identified?
  2. What is the purpose of the study?

Review of the Literature

  1. Is the Review of literature (ROL) relevant to the problem?
  2. Does the review provide for critical appraisal of the major references?
  3. Does the review conclude with a summary of the literature with implications for the study?


  1. What is the research method?
  2. Who is the population of the sample for the study?
  3. Are the details of data collection clear?
  4. What are the instrument(s) or screening tools used to collect the data?


  1. What are the method(s) of data analysis?
  2. Are there any tables, charts, and graphs provided?


  1. What are the results based on the data presented?
  2. What is the conclusions of the study?
  3. Are the results interpreted in the context of the problem/purpose?
  4. Are there limitations of the findings?
  5. Does the study contribute to nursing knowledge?

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