fin 3403 how do you feel about risk and return and investing in stocks

For example, think about investing in the stock market where the actual return may be higher or lower than what was expected. There are factors that may determine if you would invest in a particular stock (P/E ratio, dividend yield, EPS, etc.). For this assignment, pick two well-known companies in different industries (e.g., Ford and Facebook).

Answer ALL 4 questions below:

  1. Which companies did you choose, and what factors would you use to determine which company to invest in? Based on these factors, does one company seem riskier than the other?
  2. How does the industry impact a company’s risk? Would the risk associated with the industry/company you selected influence your decision to invest? Explain.
  3. Look at the P/E ratios and dividend yield. What does the P/E ratio say about each company? Are they overvalued or undervalued? Why are the P/E ratio and dividend yield different?
  4. Suppose you are risk averse, but you have $1,000 you want to invest in the market. Which company would be the best to invest in? As a risk averse investor, would you want to invest in individual stocks or in mutual funds? Explain.

Your score will be determined by your word count (200 word minimum), completely answering all questions, the accuracy of the information you provide, and how well-written your answers are (see rubric

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