File Management computer science homework help

ASSIGNMENT: File Management

Instructions:  Follow the steps below, “print screen” or “screen shot” each step, then paste under the question

  1. On your desktop, create two folders. One named Recipes_YourLName(actually use your last name) and the other named Letters_YourLName. If there are multiple folders and/or files on the Desktop, sort the Desktop window so these two folders appear as the first and second items in the Desktop window.
  1. In the Recipes folder create two subfolders, one namedDesserts_LName and onenamedMain Dishes_LName.
  1. In the Desserts subfolder, create a subfolder namedCakes_LName.
  1. Open WordPad and create six blank documents, name them as stated below and save them in the correct folders.
    1. Create empty files and name them Chocolate Cake.rtf, Coffee Cake_LName.rtf, SpaghettiPie_LName.rtf, and AngelFoodCake_LName.rtf. (Be sure you save all files with the file extension .rtf.) Save all in the Cakes_LName subfolder. Rename the Chocolate Cake.rtf file toChocolate Cake_FName.rtf.
    2. Create two blank files in Word and name themLasagna_LName.docxand TunaCasserole_LName.docxand save both in the MainDishes_LName subfolder.
  1. In the File Explorer navigation pane, display the entire hierarchy of the Recipes folder (showing all subfolders). In the right window, display the contents of the Cakes subfolder.  Print screen the full window and paste here.(Do not show other windows that may be open in the print screen below.)
  1. Delete the TunaCasserole_LName.docxfilefrom the MainDishes_LNamefolder.Display a screen shot of the MainDishes_LNamefolder after this deletion.
  1. Where is the TunaCasserole_LName.docx stored now?(If you do not know, search the WWW and place your answer below.) Screen shot the new location of theTunaCasserole_LName.docx fileand paste below.
  1. Move the SpaghettiPie_LName.rtfrecipe from the Cakes_LNamesubfolder to the Main Dishes folder.  Display the contents of the Main Dishes folder, print screen the File Explorere window displaying the contents of the Main Dishes folder and the navigation pane and paste here.
  1. Display the contents of the Cakes_LNamesubfolder in details view. Display the files in descending (Z to A) order. Print screen the Cakes_LName subfolder and paste here.
  1. Create a shortcut on the desktop for the Lasagna_LName.docxfile.  If there are multiple folders and/or files on the Desktop, sort the Desktop window so the Lasagna_LName.docx shortcut appears at the top of the Desktop window. Print screen the Desktop window and paste here.

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