exploring various ways IN which to address Different groups while addressing them on Drug issue

  The article is a masterpiece by exploring various ways in which to address different groups while addressing them on drug issue. It starts with introducing the fact that having a knowledge of the audience is one fact that cannot be disputed. It dictates on other aspects of the communication and then the content and methods of presentation. The problem of drugs to the groups chosen illustrates the sensitivity of the matter and the importance of making such information available to these groups and the efficiency of the message can only be reinforced by the communication method adopted. However, the whole article overlooks the power of the brain by not incorporating techniques such as meditation and brainstorming in which could further help in the effectiveness of the message. The advantage of such methods is that they help the audience to go past their conscious and reach into their deeper thoughts and hence reinforce their comprehension of the message.

” Do you have the reference for the article you discussed?   It does sound very interesting.”

Respond to the bold question ABOVE base on the section above it… in APA format with At least two reference…..

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