Explain why youre interested in it or what connection you have to this topic.

a verbal and visual presentation
? Include visuals. These do not have to be in the form of a PowerPoint or the like, but they do need to add a clarifying element—it should do, say, or clarify something in a more powerful way than you are able to.
? Think about audience. You are presenting to intelligent peers who may not be the same major as you. They’re also burned out and tired because it’s the end of the quarter. Find a balance between educating and engaging them while still remaining professional.
? Explain the main point(s) of your report: what are the overarching goals, and what are the take-away points?
? Explain the purpose of your report
? Explain why you’re interested in it, or what connection you have to this topic.
? Explain the report in a way that we can understand and hopefully relate to.
? Use more visuals than text if you use presentation software (do not just read slides to us; we can read and that’s boring).

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