Explain what makes your team a unique sponsorship opportunity for the potential sponsor to engage with fans and the local community.

Sponsors are critical to the success of most sports events because they are one of the major means of generating revenue, both monetary and through “in kind” donations. The ability to obtain sponsors is a critical skill, and the ability to effectively pitch your team, organization, or event to potential sponsors will help to ensure your success in the sports marketing business.

For this assignment, select the team of your choice and create a sponsorship sales deck that you can use to pitch your team to potential sponsors. The presentation should be completed as a PowerPoint presentation of 8-12 slides, so it can be easily shared with potential sponsors. The presentation should include the following information. For each slide, be sure to include relevant talking points in the notes section of the slide.

Team name and related graphics
Team overview: Provide specific team information including: (a) number of events per year, (b) average attendance including annual tickets sales, and (c) Fan DNA (demographics).
Team venue and related graphic
Differentiator: Explain what makes your team a unique sponsorship opportunity for the potential sponsor to engage with fans and the local community. Include information about the event target market to establish how sponsorship can connect the company to potential customers.
Sponsorship opportunities: Include the benefits that the team can provide to the sponsor along with what you are seeking from the sponsor as part of the partnership. Discuss varying types and levels of sponsorship available and the benefits sponsors will receive for participating at specific sponsorship levels. Include detailed slides related to the following, as applicable: (a) on-site sales opportunities; (b) product/category exclusivity; (c) sponsor benefits including television, radio, and newspaper exposure, website visits, complimentary tickets, hospitality, and access to special events; (d) marketing opportunities both on and off site; (e) cosponsor promotional activities; (f) consumer and trade promotions; (g) list of other sponsors; and (h) sponsorship term (annual, 2-year, 3-year, etc.).
Branding specifics: Include details about how the sponsor will be recognized through signage, promotional materials, and during the event.
Fees and payment terms/schedule including sponsorship fee, value in kind, promotional fees, signature, literature, printing, creative/production costs, equipment, merchandising, etc.
Call to action: Tell the potential sponsor how to become involved with your team and offer them a specific option for collaborating with you. Provide contact information for the team marketing professional.

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