Explain how you will personally apply your leadership model.

Develop a personal leadership model with reference to at least three (3) major areas of leadership (e.g. ethics, multiculturalism, teamwork, philosophy, psychology, power, leadership theory, management). Refer to the examples and instructions provided in the textbook for guidance and the following guidelines to develop your leadership model: • Explain the main organising idea or issue in your leadership model (e.g. credibility, vision, traits, relationships, etc.). • Describe what you consider to be the most important traits, skills and tasks of an effective leader. • Explain the core values that your leadership model emphasises. • Explain what the leadership practiced in your model is seeking to achieve. • Explain how organisations/groups will benefit as a result of using your leadership model. • Describe the culture of the organisation/group that would exist if your model was used. • Explain why your leadership model is different to what currently exists or, If it is not different, explain why you have opted for the status quo. • Explain how you will personally apply your leadership model.

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