Exercise One Project Setup The Purpose Of Secure Acquisition Is To Identify And

Exercise One Project Setup

The purpose of Secure Acquisition is to identify and mitigate any risks in the ICT acquisition/ supply chain. Please prepare response to the following items:

For this first exercise you will define the potential functions required as well as who will supply them. You will take the following steps:

1.     Identify a process at Wild Blue Yonder Technologies that you intend to support by a software application – this should include a scope, business case and assurance case statement

2.     Define top-level functions required to carry out the desired process – these must be coherent (e.g., logically related and complete set of activities)

3.     Decompose the top level functions into a second level of component functions

4.     Decompose the second level functions into a third level of component functions (e.g., formulate a component tree)

5.     Assign a (imaginary) supplier for each component at all tiers – these will be assumed to be subcontracted relationships (e.g., the work will be done by a subcontractor directly employed by the higher level entity)

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