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What is the purpose of an executive summary? What items need to be included in an executive summary?

Posts:1. The executive summary is there to preface your business report. The summary should include the major details of the report. Grab the reader’s attention, and make them aware of what the plan/report/proposal is about. The executive summary is also important for you to determine which aspects of the company have the clearest points, and which needs more explanation. Many times, the executive summary is the only thing people will read. The first paragraph is the most important part of the summary. It states clearly what the company does. 

2. An executive summary is a condensed version of the report itself. Many executives only read this portion of the report so it is clear to make sure the information is clear. Each topic should be outlined and all of the key facts and analysis should be listed as well. It should be very precise and make sure all of the main topic information that is listed in the report is listed in the executive summary as well. The type of research conducted should be briefly put in there as well as the purpose of the report. 

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