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Original Question:

Based on your reading, key concepts, and the Learning Activity from Unit 1 along with the Evan Thomas video, you will apply what you reviewed to critique a bad business memo. Read the example of the short memo below and respond to the following checklist items:


  • Who is the sender?
  • Who is the receiver?
  • What is the intent?
  • How might you clarify this memo?
  • Is it persuasive in getting the recipient to act? Why or why not?


You will need to send a confirmation as to what the outside limits are in line with the budget parameters delineated in the meeting last week. Send it on to production afterwards. This is priority so please expedite.


After viewing the memo, you cannot tell who the sender is nor who is the receiver because it does not state who it is from and who it is supposed to be sent to. As with most memos, it states whom it is from and who it is going to in which this is missing. The intent is to make sure that a message is sent to the production section so that the workers in the production section are briefed on the limits tally with the financial plan outlined in the last week. The memo is to help the message be sent in time to avoid any inconveniences after that. The memo is persuasive to the unknown receiver. In my opinion this is persuasive because the tone of the sender moderately motivates the receiver to act on it appropriately (Simon, 2015). Also, the sender’s points are fairly clear and has organized the points into a well-defined plane such that the receiver understands the message.


Simon, P. (2015). Message Not Received: How to Fix Broken Business Communication. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


So… Ellery says the memo is persuasive….so how do we define persuasive?  What does that really mean everyone?

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