Evaluate the expression algebra homework help

-Evaluate the expression

-Identify the terms.  Identify the coefficients of the variable terms of the expression.

-Evaluate the expression for the value of x=-3.  (If not possible, state the reason)


-Evaluate the following expression


-Evaluate -u
3 when u=4 and v=-2

-Simplify the following expression.


-Write a polynomial that fits the description:

A fifth-degree polynomial with leading coefficient 4

-Write a polynomial in standard form and identify the degree and leading coefficient of the polynomial.

-x + 19x2 + 1

-Perform the indicated operation below and simplify if possible by combining like terms.  Write the result in standard form.

(6y2 – 7y – 3) – (2y2 – 9y -7)

-Multiply or find the special product.

(4x – 9) (8x – 4)

 – Multiply or find the special product


– Factor out the common factor.

8x3 – 104x

  –Completely factor the difference of two squares. 

x2 – 16

– Factor the perfect square trinomial.

2 – 16x + 64

–  Factor the trinomial

x2 + 14x + 45

– Completely factor the expression

5x2 – 125

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