European Council Summit political science homework help

The country I am representing  is France

Country Profile

Directions: In a minimum of three typed pages, present the following information for the country you are representing during the summit.  Do NOT simply copy and paste from an Internet website!  Instead, you should write this up as a formal report.  You should also address “why” or “how” in some cases.  This information will help you prepare to present your country’s views at the Summit.  Include your references at the end of your report.

Name of State


Total Area


Type of Government


Official Language

Countries it borders

Year of EU entry (why, historical context, reasons for seeking membership)

Member of Eurozone (why or why not)

Member of Schengen (why or why not)

Brief History of the State (including items most relevant to its relationship with the EU)

Key Demographics

Key Economic Sectors

Any Foreign Policy Concerns (why these concerns)

Any other relevant information

Representative Resume

Directions: In a minimum of two typed pages, present the following information for the individual head of state you are representing during the summit.  You should present this information as a formal resume or CV (see the following website for information).  Do NOT simply cut and paste from an internet website.  Include your sources as “references”.

Name of Representative

Date and Place of Birth


Career History

Current Political Affiliation (ideology/political party)

Relevant Facts about Personal Life

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