Essay Assignment #3 – Comparison Essay

Essay Assignment #3 – Comparison Essay
1) Choose 1 of the topics below
2) Write a 2-3 page comparison essay
3) Essay must be typewritten (double-spaced) in 12 point font
4) Cover Sheet must contain your name, class and instructors’ name (also in 12 point font)
5) Title for the piece is optional
6) Pages must be stapled together with name and page number on each page after the first one.
 7) An Annotated Bibliography AND Reference page/ Works Cited page are required as well.
 8) The Annotated Bibliography must contain 6 sources.
 9) The Essay, itself, must provide at the most 4 sources listed in the Works Cited page or Reference page as well as cited within the text.
 10) Quotation marks or parenthetical references must be used to set off the reference within the essay.
 11) Essay must be concerned with 3 areas of comparison using either the Block or Point by Point formats.
 1) Write about the differences and similarities the Ford F150 and the Chevy Silverado
 2) Compare and contrast Samsung Galaxy to Apple iPhone
 3) John Deere vs. Holland tractors
 4) Organic farming/ Conventional farming


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