equation of a line parallel to the given line algebra homework help

Ifyour assigned numberis:
Writetheequationofaline parallelto thegivenline andpassingthroughthe givenpoint.
Writethe equationofaline perpendiculartothe givenline and passingthroughthe givenpoint.
 y=-½x+1;(-2,3) y=-½x+1;(-2,3)
Discussthe stepsnecessarytocarryouteachactivity.Describe briefly whateachline lookslike inrelationtotheoriginalgivenline.
Answerthese twoquestionsbriefly in yourownwords:
Whatdoesit meanforone line tobeparallel toanother? Whatdoesit meanforone line tobeperpendiculartoanother? Incorporatethe following five mathvocabularywordsintoyourdiscussion.Use bold bold bold bold fonttoemphasizethe wordsin yourwriting(Do Do Do Donot not not notwrite write write writedefinitions definitions definitions definitionsfor for for forthe the the the words; words; words; words;use use use usethem them them themappropriately appropriately appropriately appropriatelyin in in insentences sentences sentences sentencesdescribing describing describing describingyour your your yourmath math math mathwork work work work.): Origin Orderedpair X-ory-intercept Slope Reciprocal
Yourinitialpostshouldbe 150-250wordsinlength.Respond toatleasttwoofyour classmates’postsbyDay7inatleastaparagraph.
Make sureyouchoosepeoplewhodon’thavethesame equations asyouworked.Do youagreewithhowtheyusedthe vocabulary? Dotheirequationsseem reasonable given whattheystartedwith?

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