Empirically supported treatments in psychotherapy psychology homework help

To prepare for this Discussion: 

Choose three presenting problems described in The Complete Adult Psychotherapy Treatment Planner or in the DSM-IV TR. Conduct a literature review to find empirically supported treatments for each of the three presenting problems.

• Think about how you would conceptualize the three presenting problems you chose and consider whether your treatment might vary within diverse populations.

• Consider the strengths and weaknesses of the empirically supported treatments you selected for each presenting problem. Take into careful consideration the issues of individual differences and cultural contexts as discussed in the La Roche & Christopher (2008) article.
The dual influence of culturally sensitive therapies (CSTs) and empiricallysupportedtreatments (ESTs) on clinical practitioners has grown quickly in the United States. While CST advocates have been driven by the need to provide culturally diverse populations with services that are consistent with their cultural characteristics, practitioners of ESTs have striven toempirically demonstrate the benefits of psychotherapy. However, as EST’s influence grows, it may increasingly threaten CST’s advances. Some assumptions underlying the development of ESTs are not culturally sensitive and can be detrimental to the wellbeing of culturally diverse patients. This article highlights these assumptions in four interrelated areas and provides suggestions to overcome these shortcomings. Cultural assumptions and methodological implications of ESTs are presented, as well as some suggestions on how to broaden their cultural understandings. To conclude, some general recommendations on how to start bridging the gap between ESTs and CSTs are proposed.

This is the question

a description of three empirically supported treatments. Include specifics on the strength of the empirical support for each treatment. Discuss what client populations the research suggests would benefit most from each treatment you selected.

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