Editing for Thesis writing homework help

I have thesis I would like from u to change it to make it better. 

my teacher said to me this “Your thesis is not an argument. Tell me what you’re going to try to convince me to believe. You’re simply telling me that there are many theories. That’s not as interesting or as focused as if you were to tell me what YOU want me to believe.”  can fix it?

1)-  Introduction:

 A)  Thesis Statement: There are many arguments on Tupac that he is alive, like; he was a big fan of Machiaveli, he was burned after death without post-mortem, and there is also an application of seven days theory.

2)- Tupac’s Love for Machiavelli:  

A) Lifestyle of Machiavelli.  B) Pretending to be dead.  C) Books and History of Machiavelli

.3)- Post-Mortem of Tupac:  A) Was Tupac Buried?  B) Investigation of Police on his dead body.  C)- Concept of resurrection.

4)- Seven Days Theory:   A) Attacked on 7th September.  B) Attacked at 4:03 (4+3=7)  C) Did any bullet touch Suge?  D) Bullet proof jacket of Tupac.

 5)- Conclusion:After reviewing all this information it can be proved that Tupac shakur is still alive and he has proved that he was a big fan of Machiavelli, and it is strange that he was burned without Post-mortem and 7 days theory even exist on his so called murder.  


Can you fix it**

I want an argument thesis that Tupac Still Alive

*****Here is some Documents might help.

Thesis: I want to argue that Tupac is still alive.

Only Thesis and if you see something needs to change, change it please because I’m gonna post research paper about this Outline. 🙂

Thaaaaaank u 🙂

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