Dorian Gray Chapters 16 2 writing homework help

Consider the following ideologies:

Anthropology: What is humankind? What does humanity look like? Christian anthropology, for example, relates human to God: made in God’s image, fallen and sinful, restorable to God.

Sociology: What is society? How do organized groups of humans act? Christian sociology, for example, recognizes individual worth within a group, and it gives relationships a basis in God’s will.

Theology: Who is God? Does a deity exist, and how does this deity relate to the world? Christian theology, for example, holds that there is one holy, omniscient, omnipresent God in three persons who is actively involved in the world He created.

Based on what you have read, answer one of the three questions above in relation to the novel. You should write one extended paragraph that will span at least half a page.

As you answer, select evidence that allows you to do language analysis: when you quote the evidence, your warrant supporting your answer will need to focus on the language used. How does Wilde’s syntax, grammar, diction, and language use reveal an answer? Do not merely focus on large chunks of text: focus on specific language.

The prompt is asking you to relate sociology to Dorian Gray. What do we see about sociology in the book? Then, how does their sociology compare/contrast with a Biblical sociological view?

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