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LaPorsha Glover

RE: Discussion – Week 6


Strategic planning is a road-map that takes an organization where it wishes to go (Schaffner, 2009). It aligns the organization around defined goals and focuses resource allocation on key results and enables priorities to be clearly defined (Schaffner, 2009).

The unmet need at my organization is the lack of proper de-escalation training for staff members for behavioral health patients is causing an increase in workers compensation fees, increase in paying overtime and a decrease in rehab admits due to loss of a rehab bed. At my organization, when behavioral health patients come to the hospital the entire hospital staff is not properly trained to de-escalate these patients while also protecting themselves therefore more work injuries are occurring. Due to these injuries, workers compensation fees are having to be paid and staff is out for injury. Because staff is out, we are having to pay other individuals’ overtime to fill the needs for the injured employee. When these BH patients are admitted they are always admitted to my unit, which is the inpatient rehabilitation unit. this is because the rehab staff are the only staff members trained in CPI due to our large population of brain injured patients. When these behavioral health patients are admitted to our unit, we run the risk of having to delay a rehab admission due to the bed being occupied by a non-rehab patient.

For the implementation of a behavioral health response team, or psychiatric nurse liaison team to be successful, a nursing strategic planning committee should be appointed to provide structure and outline goals to find a solution for the unmet need (Schaffner, 2009). These teams aim to reduce mental health distress as quickly as possible, so provides a rapid assessment (Mental Health Liaison Team, n.d.). The goal will be to decrease staff injuries while properly de-escalating patients and keeping them and others around them safe. Stakeholders for this implementation are patients, staff, physicians, directors, and insurance companies. These are individuals or groups that will be directly affected by this implementation.


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